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Transforming walls to bridges


LCCA works to expand the culture and accessibility of conflict resolution by offering spaces and opportunities for meaningful dialogue that counter punitive and exclusionary systems. Using the tools of mediation, restorative processes, training, and other creative strategies, LCCA aims to shift the societal framework from one of violence to one of mutual understanding and collaboration.


LCCA envisions a Louisiana in which all residents have access to high-quality conflict resolution, and uses mediation and transformative justice to creatively address societal challenges.

What type of disputes can we help with?
  • Family Disputes (couples, custody, siblings, parenting, cross-generational) 

  • Neighborhood (noise, property, animals)

  • Workplace

  • School

  • Tenant-Landlord

  • Roommate

  • Land Use

  • Challenging Transitions (re-entry, addiction recovery, health issues)

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